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The Lüder Group is a nationwide real estate company with a focus on project development, management and investment.

We can look back on almost 60 years of company history and over this period have gained considerable expertise in project development. The confidence placed in us by our partners and customers is our top priority.

Our entire approach and activity is not only focused on the type or use of a piece of real estate. We detect, in particular, viability in terms of development and hidden value. Based on this, we implement individual ideas in exceptional real estate projects.

With a keen sense of the actual needs of users while retaining a healthy sense of profitability, we facilitate the realisation of functional and economical real estate properties with a high guaranteed value.


A high level of expertise
in development
and management

Project Development

We provide the entire spectrum of project development from concept to turnkey construction of a property as an investor or service provider:

  •  Project concept and property securing
  •  Use and planning concept
  •  Planning and building approval
  •  Letting
  •  Financing
  •  Construction

We cover the entire value chain providing direct communication between discplines. So far, projects worth a total of more than EUR 700 million have been completed.

Real Estate Management and Investment

In addition to real estate management we focus our activities on the holistic optimisation of complex portfolios during their entire life cycle. The business area of real estate investment is the result of over 50 years of experience on the part of the Lüder Group in intensive management as well as in the identification and optimisation of appreciation potential in complex real estate portfolios, especially of retail portfolios with individual volumes of up to EUR 300 million.

We are a reliable partner when it comes to large-volume investments. We operate both in the domestic and international real estate market for private and institutional investors but also in our own name and on our own account.



Sebastian Lüder

Degree in business & real estate economics (ebs)

In the company’s management since 1998. As CEO he is responsible for the whole corporate group. His operational focus lies in project development.

Thomas Eisenburger

Degree in real estate economics (ebs)

Has worked for the company
for more than 20 years and is a sought-after contact in the area of real estate investment and
real estate management.

Carl Matthias Rathgen

Degree in business & real estate economics (ebs)

Long-standing member of the corporate group and an expert in the conception and implementation of real estate projects.

„The cornerstones of business are trust and reliability.“

Gruppenbild der Gesellschafter



Plan W65 GmbH


Based on many years of experience and intensive
analysis of planning tasks in housing construction – both in new construction and the historical inventory – Plan W65 ensures the foundation for a contemporary and impressive architecture that is also oriented to the needs of users.


Carlton Gruppe


The Lüder Group of Companies has formed a new joint venture with Jan Wehle of Berlin:
The professional expertise of each of the partners complements that of the other. The focus of their activities lies in the repositioning and extension of large-surface commercial properties.

The Company has been successfully classified A+ by Scope Ratings in November 2016.


N2 Parking GmbH


n2parking is a global developer of and investor in car parks. Its competence in the area of parking, which is provided purely in the form of consulting services, is guaranteed to create added value to car parks.

Torfhaus Harzresort GmbH

Upper Harz

At an altitude of 812 metres, Torfhaus Harzresort GmbH runs a 4-star boutique hotel with 26 double rooms and 21 chalets with breath-taking views of the Harz National Park and the Brocken. The newly created mountain village also includes the Harz-Welcome-Centre, a ski and mountain bike rental and an additional dining facility. Torfhaus Harzresort is regarded as a flagship project for tourism throughout the Upper Harz region.





When he registered the business on 1st January 1956, Gustav Lüder laid the foundation for today’s corporate group. Insurance was the profession of the then 25-year-old. Over the years other lines of business followed, such as the procurement of real estate and financing.


Construction activity

In 1965 Gustav Lüder's brother Günter Lüder became a partner in Lüder OHG which had its head office at Rathausstrasse 13b. The first 30 apartments were built in Weinberg in Hildesheim – this marked the beginning of the construction activity and the entry into real estate management. In 1967 the owners of the company invested in the prestigious Bauring GmbH and assumed control of it two years later, taking a 100% stake. This company had its own construction business, sometimes employing more than 50 staff.


Further development

The 70s and 80s were marked by the dynamic development of housing in the region of Hildesheim. 1988 saw the purchase of and relocation to Andreas-Passage.

At the beginning of the 90s more than 200 residential units were built annually, and all the accommodation was sold. Overall, the Lüder Group has rebuilt, renovated or divided up over 3000 residential units.



The transfer of operational management to Sebastian Lüder ensued with the successful spin-off of divisions in various business areas.



Since 2000 the focus has been on the areas of real estate development, investment and management. At the same time, real estate management, parking management and insurance broking have been introduced through strategic investments with Sparkasse Hildesheim and Generali Versicherungs AG.



Following the successful development of a variety of projects in Hildesheim – such as the 4-star Hotel Novotel, the construction of the Sparda Bank, the assisted-living residence with Edeka (Am Propsteihof) or the Hildesheim State Theatre (reconstruction of Hall 39) – the Lüder Group has oriented itself towards the nationwide development of large-scale retail projects, in particular with Kaufland and EDEKA as partners. Overall, up to this point, projects worth a total of EUR 700 million have been developed or traded as investments in Germany.



With the addition of a long-time employee and CEO as partner, a new holding company was created which has acquired all the real estate companies of Gustav Lüder Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG. The individual corporate divisions have thus been strengthened and expanded nationwide and have created a secure starting point for the Lüder Group.

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